what i offer

The Office of Dr. Georgina K. Smith provides the following services:

Individual psychotherapy
Couples and family psychotherapy
Child therapy (Play therapy; sand tray therapy; art therapy)
Parent coaching
Addiction recovery support groups
Al Anon (Healthy Relationship) support groups
Women’s Empowerment therapy groups
DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) groups
Addiction recovery community workshops
Equine Therapy
Intervention services (Orchestrating the process of gathering family and friends to participate in a structured meeting with a loved one suffering from addiction, and helping them take the first step towards change and recovery)
Case Management Consultation (Meeting with individuals and families who are in crisis or needing intervention, treatment, resources, or direction. The consultation process provides education to individuals regarding the issues at hand. It also works to support, direct and connect individuals to resources they need for themselves or their loved one)