psychotherapy & approaches

Life is not always easy. Sometimes we get stuck and we find ourselves lost or repeating the same patterns over and over again. We may lack fulfillment, or be living in the past, or we may not know how to break the cycle, find our way to our authentic selves, embracing our gifts and building a successful future. My integrated therapeutic approach will look at your past, present and future. We will begin by stabilizing symptoms you are experiencing that are distressing to you in your life. We will explore what drives your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, as well as how they show up in your life. We will look at your belief system, your relationship with yourself and others, the roles you have taken on in your life and within your family, and we will look at the story you have learned and now tell yourself. We will identify and adapt parts of you that have learned to protect you in ways that may no longer serve you. The goals that are set within therapy may include helping you tell a new story and healing from the old one. We will address your needs and find ways for you to meet them in healthy ways. We will help you validate your own feelings and experiences and gain true emotional intimacy by learning to have the difficult conversations. We will confront what keeps you stuck and how you perpetuate keeping yourself there. If you have been victimized, we will move you from surviving to thriving. We will assist you in owning your experiences and your life so you can stop giving up control to others. And that is just the beginning….

Therapy can provide:

-Symptom reduction (eg. alleviation of depressive feelings, alleviation of panic attacks, anxiety)
-Healing from trauma
-Moving through grief
-Creating coping resources to manage various symptoms, interpersonal issues or challenging life events
-Building a more whole and happy core self
-Helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and finding out why you don’t
-Dealing with stuckness and stagnation
-Increasing motivation and momentum
-Discovering and creating a sense of purpose
-Learning to regulate your feelings, reactions and behaviors
-Learning a language of self-advocacy and self-care that combats the inner critic and the internalized narratives that can cause some people to self-sabotage and place limitations on themselves and their perceived abilities