Dr. Georgina Smith is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, EMDR clinician, trauma and addiction specialist, public speaker and educator. Dr. Smith is also the founder of Revolve Recovery, a highly specialized trauma-focused and community conscious intensive outpatient treatment program in Marina del Rey. For more information, please visit: https://www.revolverecovery.com.

Dr. Smith’s treatment specialties include: Trauma, addiction, mood and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, self-injury, impulse and emotion regulation issues, grief and loss, and phase of life challenges. Dr. Smith also has extensive experience treating: the complex and layered, persistent, and often resistant symptoms and diagnoses that result from effects of chronic complex trauma, PTSD, and domestic violence related trauma.

Dr. Smith brings a warm, supportive and direct approach to her work with individuals (adult and adolescent), couples, and families. She is an EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) clinician and utilizes EMDR to re-process trauma, reduce distress, and adapt negative core beliefs. Dr. Smith also utilizes an eclectic blend of relational, IFS (internal family systems), narrative, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, psychodynamic, systems and neurobiologically based therapeutic interventions to assist individuals in stabilizing distressing symptoms and building coping resources to self-regulate. Therapy centers around creating a mindful awareness to heal the core self and help individuals achieve and realize the life and purpose they are seeking. She works with individuals to address underlying issues contributing to current symptoms, while identifying and adapting negative core beliefs, life patterns and internalized stories from the past, which a focus on healing core wounds, integrating the core self and unburdening protective parts of the self, working to heal from traumas, and learning to assert and meet needs in healthy and empowered ways from a place of self-worth and value.